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Mercedes Sprinter Van Conversion Layouts

Are you limited to the plans above?
Absolutely not! They are there to help you get started - just to get the thought process going.
Some options to think about:
Sprinter Van - 170 inch wheel base Sprinter van
144 inch wheel base
Low Roof
High Roof Interior
Color Exterior
Color Running Boards
Body Ground Effects
Entry Steps
Electric Sliding Door
Multi-media video monitor
DVD with Dolby sound
Rear view camera
Digital Satellite
Audio level
Portable cell phone kit

Satellite hook up
Mobile router, high speed internet
Media Center
GPS Navigator
Driver Compartment interior build out
Special seating
Custom Dash finish/color
Custom steering wheel
Front music system
Hands free cellular phone
Upgraded suspension
GPS tracking
Window coverings
Upholstery choices
Flooring choices
Air conditioning upgrades, heating and ventilation systems
Sound Deadening
Special electrical outlets
Special Lighting

These are just a few things to consider in sprinter van conversion. The options avaialble can make your conversion as individual as you are.

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